At COEUR DE LION, the highest quality standards apply, both to our suppliers when selecting the materials and to our own employees in our workshops. Nevertheless, there are factors which can have negative effects on high-quality designer jewellery: 

For instance, direct UV exposure from sunlight can cause fading. Additionally there is sensitivity to perfume, hairspray, all products containing propellant gas, and also to the skin’s natural protective acid layer, which varies from woman to woman. Accordingly we recommend removing jewellery before using cosmetics, sunscreen or perfume.

Do not wear the jewellery in water, saunas, tanning beds or during sports. In order to avoid water damage, remove rings before washing your hands. To avoid bends in the nylon-coated steel wire, store your jewellery preferably in the COEUR DE LION box. By following these tips, you will get many years of happiness from your jewellery.