Reassuringly timeless. Beautifully unconventional.

The design of COEUR DE LION jewellery is timeless beyond measure. Carola Eckrodt combines clear lines with a playful use of colours and materials. By doing so, she creates pieces that embody a fundamental rule of design: harmoniously resolving contrasts makes for a truly sensual experience – for the wearer as well as the beholder.



Carola acquired her unique jewellery expertise on countless trips around the world. From Brazil to Bali, Venice and Tokyo, she studied the many manifestations of jewellery and accessories, gaining a more in-depth understanding of materials and their potential – both tapped and untapped.
Along with her team, Carola Eckrodt dedicates each day to meeting the standards she has set for all of her creations: attention to detail, conscientiousness and passion. Classic shapes along side cutting edge jewellery design ensure that the COEUR DE LION jewellery collection is at the forefront of contemporary jewellery.